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In the tool shop, we manufacture parts for bending and shearing tools, molds, mold frames, punching dies, and we develop and manufacture machines for blind profiling. We export profiling machines to countries like Slovenia, France, Israel, Turkey, Japan and others.

There are more than 50 employees working at CNC machining centers, electro-erosion, grinding shops and toolmakers. We have modern technologies and constantly invest in their modernization and renewal.

We own a modern tool shop Its main production activities include:


Company ISOTRA a.s. was founded in Bolatice in 1992 by Ing. Erich Stavař and Ing. Bohumír Blachut. In 2007, ISOTRA was transformed into a joint-stock company from the original limited liability company focusing on the wholesale of window seals, including assembly operations. The ISOTRA range of business activities continued to grow, from the blinds installation, through the production of a complete range of shading technology, to the production of own components and CNC technology lines for the production of blinds.

Nowadays ISOTRA a.s. own development workplace, design office, modern tool shop, thermoplastic pressing shop and extensive production plants. All this is due to the great will to constantly develop and to look for new technical solutions. ISOTRA is interested in the issue of sun protection technology and its impact on energy efficiency. Technology, elaborated procedures, development and research in this field ranks it among the leading manufacturers of shading technology and is perceived as one of the technology leaders not only in the Czech Republic but also in the world. The technological advancement of the company is also evidenced by the ownership of several two world patents, six national patents and seventeen utility models for technical solutions in the field of shading technology.

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Quality certificate

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